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Trident Leg Resistance Kinetic Bands Set
Trident Leg Resistance Kinetic Bands Set

Single SetProduct AvailableStock StatusIn Stock - Item in stock ready for immediate dispatch. Click for more info. S$34.0

Trident Leg Resistance Kinetic Bands Set

Trident Leg Resistance Kinetic Bands are made from 100% premium quality natural latex. 

Our specialist latex factory utilises continuous dipping, which creates a multi-layer band. This process creates a latex tube which is stronger and more resistant to tears or snaps. Foam Padded Leg Straps ensure that the fit on your thighs is secure and comfortable, everytime. All of our Trident Resistance Tubes come packed in a re-usable premium quality carry bag.

Sold as a Complete Set consisting of:

2 x Foam Padded Leg Straps 
2 x Easy Resistance Tubes
2 x Medium Resistance Tubes
2 x Hard Resistance Tubes
1 x Drawstring Carry Bag 

Yes, there will always be cheaper options - but we will always guarantee the premium quality of our Trident Leg Resistance Kinetic Bands


What are Trident Kinetic Bands?

Level Up on your Running Speed, Power and Endurance - Kinetic Leg Bands allow for unrestricted movement, in a natural manner with your full range of motion and mobiity. 

These bands assist in gaining strength, explosive speed and balance. 

Maximise Your Training: Our Trident Kinetic Bands come with a special swivel clip, which is not only designed for comfort - but allows full mobility and multi-directional movement, 

How to Use Trident Kinetic Bands?

  1. Choose from either Easy, Medium or Hard (or all three!) and select a pair of bands
  2. Clip the Longer Band infront, and the Shorter Band at the Back

Who Can Use Trident Kinetic Bands?

Footballers, Rugby Players, Sprinters, Long Distance Runners, Crossfitters - above the Age of 8 - all use our Trident Bands. 

Our Leg Resistance Bands are also suitable for Yoga, Pilates, Body Sculpting and Explosive Cardio Training.

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