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Looking for yoga mats on sale online in Malaysia? Trident yoga mats are high quality, budget friendly and made in Taiwan. Our range of equipment features not just mats, but also yoga rollers, yoga blocks as well as latex exercise and fitness bands. Trident is a registered trademark of Kuckreja & Co, and has been distributed in the Southeast Asian region for more than 10 years.

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Trident Yoga Block
Trident Bosu Balance Ball

Trident Calf Stretch Board

Trident Yoga Roller - Dimpled

Trident Yoga Roller - Textured

Trident PVC Yoga Mat - Blue

Trident PVC Yoga Mat - Orange

Trident PVC Yoga Mat - Purple

Trident PVC Yoga Mat - Turquoise

Trident NBR Foam Yoga Mat

Trident Latex Resistance Band - 21mm (Easy)

Trident Latex Resistance Band - 29mm (Medium)

Trident Latex Resistance Band - 32mm (Medium)

Trident Latex Resistance Band - 45mm (Med-Hard)
Trident Latex Fitness Band - 0.7mm (Medium)
Trident Latex Fitness Band - 0.9mm (Heavy)
Trident Latex Fitness Band - 1.2mm (Extra Heavy)