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Need a Petanque Boule Shop in Malaysia? Kuckreja is the official sole distributor for Obut Boules and Petanque accessories in Malaysia. Thousands of Obut boules are manufactured daily in their St-Bonnet-Le-Chateau factory in France, catering to the leisure petanque-ist right up to the professional bowlers.

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Obut ATX - Style 0

Obut ATX - Style 1

Obut RCX

Obut Soleil - Style 0

Obut Soleil - Style 1

Obut Match Plus - Style 0

Obut Match Plus - Style 1

Obut Match IT M3IT - Style 0

Obut Match IT M3IT - Style 1

Obut Match IT M3IT - Style G

Obut Match TR M3TR - Style 0

Obut Match TR M3TR - Style C

Obut Match M3 - Style 0

Obut Match M3 - Style 1

Obut Match M3 - Style G

Obut Petanque Boules - Set of Six

Obut Petanque Boules - Set of Three

Obut Competition Boxwood Jacks - Set of 21

Obut Competition Fluorescent Jack - Set of 6
Obut Competition Natural Jack - Set of 6

Obut Petanque 3 Cloth + 3 Jack Set
Obut Folding Ruler
S$50.7 S$33.7

Obut Magnetic Boule Lifter

Obut Folding Circle
S$44.2 S$26.9

Obut Two Metre Tape Measure

Obut Score Marker - Navy
S$28.9 S$23.5

Obut Score Marker - Blue
S$28.9 S$23.5

Obut Rigid Circle - Red
S$25.5 S$16.7

Obut Rigid Circle - Yellow

Obut Rigid Circle - Black

Obut Petanque Leather Bag - Brown

Obut Petanque Canvas Bag - Beige

Obut Petanque Canvas Bag - Grey

Obut Petanque Soft Bag - Black

Obut Petanque Soft Bag - Cobalt

Obut Petanque Soft Bag - Pink

Obut Petanque Kit
S$28.9 S$20.1

Obut Pencil Cup
S$27.2 S$10.2

Obut Maintenance Product