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Kinesiology Tape


SpiderTech products are made from the industry trusted Kinesiology tape manufacturer from Japan Kinesiology taping products are engineered to mimic the thickness, weight and elasticity of human skin. The material is made of high-grade 100% cotton with a 100% poly-acrylic adhesive. There is no latex in the product. SpiderTech is a water-resistant and breathable, and can be worn for many days during strenuous exercise.

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Ankle Spider
S$10.2 S$3.4

Calf & Arch Spider
S$10.2 S$5.1

Elbow Spider
S$8.5 S$3.4

Full Knee Spider
S$10.2 S$3.4

Groin Spider
S$8.5 S$3.4

Hamstring Spider
S$8.5 S$3.4

Hip Spider
S$8.5 S$3.4

Hip Spider (Multi-pack)
S$30.6 S$15.3

Left Shoulder Spider
S$10.2 S$3.4

Lower Back Spider
S$8.5 S$3.4

Lower Back Spider (Multi-pack)

Lymphatic Spider - Large

Lymphatic Spider - Medium

Lymphatic Spider - Small

Neck Spider
S$8.5 S$3.4

Neck Spider (Multi-pack)
S$30.6 S$15.3

Postural Spider
S$8.5 S$3.4

Postural Spider (Multi-pack)

Right Shoulder Spider
S$10.2 S$3.4

Upper Knee Spider
S$8.5 S$3.4

Wrist Spider
S$6.8 S$1.7

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