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Grays GR 11000 Probow (2019)
Grays GR 11000 Probow (2019)

Grays GR 11000 Probow (2019)

The 2019 Grays GR 11000 Probow is part of the new Graphene range which is exceptionally strong and light.

It has been developed by precisely combining the highly successful GX series with new GR technology. Players will have all the durability and playability of the GX with the extra power from the graphene.

The GR Probow offers

  1. High power rating balanced with excellent control
  2. Probow blade for drag flicking and 3D skills
  3. Graphene offfers powerful energy transfter and shock absorbing properties

Hockey sticks in the Grays Graphene GR range offer exceptional feel, power and playability.

Technical Information
Pro FeelImproved FeelTrue Feel
Pro DampeningEnergy ReductionTrue Feel
Low Backhand Zone
More Information
Curve24.75 @ 200mm
Head ShapeMicro
Power RatingHigh
Feel RatingHigh
Balance Points38-39
Choosing a new hockey stick is an incredibly personal process and changes from individual to individual.

This buying guide to Grays Hockey Sticks should clarify some of the common questions when picking something from our new range.

1. The Curve

1.1 Probow
  • Defined by a straight profile which transitions into an extremely low bow at the head of the stick
  • Ideal for 3D skills and drag flicking
  • Newly introduced Dragflick Groove helps control the ball, while a square low backhand zone increases the sweet spot for backhand shots
  • Thin stick profile is for flicking and pushing

1.2 Jumbow
  • The Jumbow curve is a combination of the Probow and the Dynabow
  • Ideal for all styles of play
  • Thicker profile, are suited to flicking, hitting and tackling

1.3 Dynabow
  • The Dynabow curve is a refined, sweeping curve along the entire stick
  • Slimmer headshape and round lower hand profile 
  • Ideal for all-round play and nimble 3D Skills
  • Suitable for technical play, hitting and dribbling

1.4 Dynabow
  • The Midbow profile maintains a high curve location
  • Extremely flat face, with unique cross section for extra stiffness
  • Ideal for slapping, sweeping and flat technical skills

1.5 Ultrabow
  • The standard blade profile has been renamed to Ultrabow
  • Suitable for general play, passing, receiving and shooting

2. Head Shapes

Biggest head - great for stopping, 75 degree angle
Maxi: Traditional head - great for hitting, 45 degree angle
Micro: Modern head - great for 3D skills, 50 degree angle

3. Stick Length

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