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Composite Sticks


The most comprehensive collection of Grays Composite Hockey Sticks in Malaysia and the Southeast Asian region. The new Probow accompanies the popular Jumbow, Dynabow and Megabow curve profiles. With regards to composition, the classic GX range has given birth to the latest KN Kinetic and GR Graphene range of Grays Hockey products. Established in 1855, Grays is truly one of the world's most renown field hockey brands.

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Grays GR 11000 Probow Extreme

Grays GR 11000 Probow

Grays GR 10000 Dynabow - Blue

Grays GR 10000 Dynabow - Pink

Grays GR 8000 Probow Extreme

Grays GR 8000 Probow

Grays GR 7000 Jumbow

Grays GR 7000 Probow

Grays GR 6000 Dynabow

Grays GR 5000 Jumbow

Grays GR 5000 Probow Extreme

Grays GR AJ7 Probow

Grays GR 4000 Dynabow

Grays GR 7000
S$340.0 S$136.0

Grays GX 7000 Probow

Grays GX 4000
S$144.5 S$86.7

Grays GX 3000 Ultrabow - Fluo Yellow

Grays GX 3000 Ultrabow - Pink

Grays GX 3000
S$115.6 S$75.1

Grays GX 2500 Ultrabow - Navy/Yellow

Grays GX 2500 Ultrabow - Purple/Sky

Grays GX 2000 Ultrabow Custom Edition - Patrol

Grays GX 2000 Ultrabow - Blue/Green

Grays GX 2000 Ultrabow - Pink/Purple

Grays GX 2000 - Black
S$71.4 S$64.6

Grays GX 2000 - Blue
S$71.4 S$64.6

Grays GX 2000 - Orange
S$71.4 S$64.6