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Grays 500i Junior Wooden Hockey Stick - Black

Looking for Classic Grays Hockey sticks? Through an exclusive arrangement with Grays UK, Kuckreja has managed to stock a wide range of Classic Grays Sticks.

All sticks in this range are certified to have been checked for their outstanding reliability, and usability. All grips are new, and stickers are still intact, with zero to minimal blemishes. 

​Remember the days when a hockey stick lasted 15 years? We get to relive those days once more, with the Grays Heritage Series, by Kuckreja.

The Grays 500i Stick was an expert wooden stick, made with the highest quality Mulberry wood. The beautiful wooden lines of older hockey sticks are visible - demonstrating the sticks strength, and long lasting Grays reliability. 

The 500i was handcrafted with the Megabow blade profile, ensuring optimal balance along a curved wooden profile. 

Airbrush quality paint finish

Fibreglass tubular braid reinforcement 

Reliable performance level wooden hockey stick

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