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Gilbert Virtuo Triple Density Mouthguard - Green
Gilbert Virtuo Triple Density Mouthguard - Green

Gilbert Virtuo Triple Density Mouthguard - Green

Gilbert's most technologically advanced mouthguard containing 3 layers of varying densities that combine for ultimate performance. Reduces the force of impacts to the jaw joint, lowering the risk of concussion and offering protection to the teeth.
  • The softer inner layer moulds easily  to the middle layer providing the shields structure. The third layer containing hard impact areas on the more vulnerable sections of the mouth
  • Extra Wall Thickness - Absorbs impact, reducing the effect of shock on the more vulnerable front teeth
  • Dual Density - Multi-layer construction absorbs lower jaw shock, reducing trauma to skull
  • Boil & Bite - Provides fit and feel of a custom made mouthguard

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