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Agility Equipment


Kuckreja carries one of the most comprehensive ranges of Agility Equipment in Malaysia, Singapore and the Asean region. Get everything from mini hurdles online,training cones, resistance belts, step-up boards, coaching kit sets, medicine balls, speed ladders and so much more right here at our comprehensive Kuckreja Agility Equipment Equipment Online Shop!

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Riser for 20" Cone

Trident 12" Cone with Holes

Trident 15" Cone with Holes
Trident 20" Cone with Holes
Trident 9" Cone
Trident 20" Hat Cone with Speed Ring Set

Trident 6" Mini Hurdle - Purple (Set of 10)
Trident Bosu Balance Ball

Trident Calf Stretch Board

Trident Digital Dynamometer

Trident Mini Hurdle - Individual

Trident Mini Hurdle - Set of 10

Trident Rubber Quoits

Trident Sit & Reach Board

Trident Slalom Poles - Without Spring

Trident Slalom Poles Bases

Trident Slalom Poles with Spring

Trident Standing Long Jump Mat

Trident Three-Height Mini Hurdle - Individual

Trident Three-Height Mini Hurdle - Set of 6

Trident Two-Height Mini Hurdle - Individual

Trident Two-Height Mini Hurdle - Set of 6
Trident Wooden Step Up Board

Trident Disco Cone Set

Trident Disco Cone Set w/Holes

Trident Jumbo Cone

Trident Medicine Ball Rack

Trident Maxi Marker Cones

Trident Agility Cone Set

Trident Agility Dots Set
Trident Dome Marker Set

Trident Agility Advantage Pack
Trident Agility Budget Pack
Trident Agility General Pack
Trident Agility Premium Pack
Trident Indoor Coaching Kit

Trident Outdoor Coaching Kit

Trident Outdoor Deluxe Coaching Kit
Trident 20" Hat Cone Hurdle Set With Riser

Trident Hat Cone Hurdle Set

Trident Speed Ladder
Trident Speed Ladder - Soft

Trident Locking Speed Ladder

Trident Double Speed Ladder

Trident Two-Tone Rubber Medicine Ball - 1kg

Trident Two-Tone Rubber Medicine Ball - 2kg

Trident Two-Tone Rubber Medicine Ball - 3kg

Trident Two-Tone Rubber Medicine Ball - 4kg